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Whatโ€™s up! I hope you all doing well!! My name is ANOOP K A. Welcome to my Blog! And I feel ecstatic that you checked my About page. I am an Engineer by profession, and writing is my passion. As I am a fitness enthusiast and practicing for the last 12 years, I decided to share the knowledge with people what I possessed about health, wellness, and lifestyle. I have researched a lot with the help of books and videos about how to live a happy and healthy life by changing lifestyles and mindset that specific knowledge, I am going to share with you through my articles.

I would be happy if you get benefits from my articles, and I hope you find it worthwhile each time you visit my article! Please share my articles. Sharing is caring!


I am a passionate Health & Wellness Blogger who helps to make others lead a healthy and happy life through my articles.

“Believe in yourself, do what you Love”