Pros and cons of protein powder

Are you anyone who consumes protein powder regularly to enhance the body muscle? Have you ever get confused about which brand protein we must consume? If so, I hope this blog will incredibly helpful for you guys. Firstly, you must comprehend the pros and cons of consuming protein powder.

A myriad of people has the misconception that consuming protein powder is detrimental to our health. Even though it’s true a bit, it has some amazing benefits too!

To illustrate this, some people claiming that protein powder is not good for our health, as the manufacturing company had been added chemicals on the supplement. If someone says like this, you have to ask them why? Why should we not consume? If a person can genuinely answer this question with examples, then obey them.

Moreover, the researchers decide the specific protein supplement is good or bad in terms of the popularity of the protein.

Nevertheless, no matter what you consume, if it exceeds the limit which will adversely affect your body right? It’s a fundamental concept!

In this blog, I am going to elaborate on the explicit pros and cons of protein powder. Moreover, I am interpreting how many calories we must consume regularly to enhance muscle mass for both lean and normal individuals.

I hope the whey protein has more popularity than normal products, so let’s discuss whey protein.

Protein powder is a renowned nutritional supplement, which has been extracted from the milk. Moreover, it’s an essential macronutrient that helps build muscles.

As far as whey protein is concerned, a host of celebrities and fitness models are becoming an ardent fan of Whey protein, as a result, this supplement sale rate has been exponentially increased.

First, let’s have a look at the positive aspects of protein powder.

Advantages of protein powder

The protein powder has many advantages. First and foremost, it helps you give an appropriate amount of protein that you do not get from the food you consume regularly.

For instance, as per the health standard, a normal person should consume approximately 50-60 grams of protein every day. However, we fail to consume that amount of food as our hectic work schedule, financial problem, or some other reason.

Nevertheless, the protein powder can sort out this issue, not only help you provide the appropriate amount of protein to our body but also give you 9 essential amino acids as well.

Let’s gaze at the benefits of the supplement.

  1. Improve performance and muscle growth
  2. Boost the immune system
  3. Promotes rapid healing of wounds
  4. Improves heart health
  5. Better for post-workout
  6. Reduce body fat
  7. Balance cholesterol


Next, Let’s discuss the renowned protein product known as Whey Protein.

I am explaining about Types, side effects, how to identify the product whether it is genuine or fake, and dosage intake of Whey protein.

  • There are 3 types of whey protein
  1. Whey Protein Concentrate

The whey protein concentrate includes 70-80% of protein, and the remaining parts encompass FAT, LACTOSE, and MINERALS.

If you guys are skinny individuals suggest you consume whey protein concentrate, because it not only includes 80% of protein but also contains fat, carbs, minerals, which is essential to increase the body weight.

However, this contains less amount of protein in comparison with isolate and hydrolyzed, as a result, this product available in the market at affordable prices.

2.Whey Protein Isolate

The isolate encompasses 90% of protein, and the remaining contains FAT, LACTOSE, and MINERALS.

Isolate is one of the best products available in the market because it’s a LACTOSE-free product too so that no gas trouble persists anymore.

Additionally, in comparison with whey protein concentrate, the price is high, however, consuming this product will get a massive and appropriate result.

I suggest you guys consume whey protein isolate, as per the feedback from many people.

3. Whey protein hydrolyzed

Hydrolyzed is the pure protein powder available in the market, in comparison with Isolate and concentrate. Because it contains a huge amount of pure protein and amino acids, however, it contains fewer carbs, fats, lactose, and sugar.

The fitness models, bodybuilders, and Athletes are an ardent fan of this product. Mostly, they consume this nutritional supplement while participating in the competition to possess high performance and energy.


As this product is quite expensive, the experts suggest you consume WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE based on your convenience and affordability.

Next, I am going to discuss the side effects of protein powder.


As per the comprehensive study, the researchers claiming that every coin has two sides. Hence, the astounding stuff is there are side effects too, by consuming the nutritional supplement.

As far as whey protein is concerned, it’s a better supplement, but if the consumption exceeds the limit as per the body weight and your fitness goals, indeed it may adversely affect your body.


Those who consume concentrate, almost 70% of people have been confronting issues such as Stomach bloating, Gas trouble, and Stomach cramps.

If you guys confront any of these problems, start consuming Isolate instead of concentrate.


The people used to confront issues such as Facial swelling and tongue swelling by the consumption of this supplement.

As far as protein powder is concerned, the people can effortlessly comprehend the issue by trying a petite experiment. First and foremost, if you feel disgruntled when drinking the milk every day, then stop consuming protein powder.

Furthermore, if the individual facing this issue, please do consume

Pea Protein

Soy Protein

Egg protein


Certain people can afflict kidney ailment by too much protein consumption. Hence, once you consume the protein powder do not forget to drink at least 3 liters or more of water every day.

Reason: When you consume nutritional supplements beyond the limit kidney will be overloaded; consequently, the pressure will increase significantly which causes the damage of kidneys in the future.

Moreover, do not consume protein powder if you already have a kidney problem. However, the reality is this problem will not affect those who have optimum health.

How much protein should you take?

As I said above, inappropriate protein consumption (too much) will adversely affect your body by suffering treacherous ailments. Predominantly the people unaware of the quantity of the protein powder, and they consume that stuff regularly beyond the company standards.

Normal person      –    1 or 2 Scoop (includes 24 grams of protein)

Bodybuilder           –   3 Scoop maximum

Be cautious the intake should not exceed above 3 scoops.

Important: There are a host of things to be considered while consuming protein which depends on your weight and fitness goals, so make sure whether the intake exceeds the company standards or not.

For instance, as per the international standard if the individual mass is 70 KG they need to be consumed 100-120 Grams of protein every day to shape their body.

How can we understand the whey protein is genuine or fake?

Nowadays, a myriad of protein powders are available in the market, every product trying to prove their genuineness differently, and it’s an arduous task to comprehend the good products among this.

However, everyone can check the genuineness of the product by considering dissolving ability. Genuine products will dissolve quickly, but fake products will take time to dissolve when you mix protein in the milk.


Protein powder is an amazing product to lose weight and build muscles, and the consumption of this supplement depends on your fitness goals. Hence, when you consume an appropriate amount of protein powder in your regular diet, which will give you a magnificent result.

However, when the individual consumes the fake protein supplement by considering the low price available in the market, you may suffer the severe diseases which I mentioned above.

Therefore, consume a good protein powder to achieve optimum health.

Consume high-quality protein, sustain longer health.”

I hope this blog will help you!

Do not forget to give your valuable comments. I appreciate all your feedback!

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