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Do you ever felt confused about in which fitness course you should pursue to enhance your wages?ย  If so, this blog will incredibly helpful for you guys.

Today, I am writing this blog to inform the happy news to all who aspire to build their career in the realm of fitness. Also, the individual can earn more income by certifying any one of the following courses.

Certain people are not taking the initiative to enroll in the course even though they have an interest.

Maybe, because of a lack of awareness or family circumstances, and the happy news is you have so many opportunities to excel in the field of fitness.

Moreover, certain folks have the misconception that if they entering the fitness industry, and cannot earn decent remuneration and all.

Nevertheless, the reality is beyond your thinking because the fitness industry is flourishing all over the world, as a result, they treat their employees well by giving attractive wages.

Letโ€™s get started!

Please read the entire article to know full details about the top 5 fitness certifications in the world.

Before jump into the sophisticated certification, you must have completed the fundamental one, which is called CPR/AED certification.

Moreover, the individual must hold this certification before applying for the advanced course. Additionally, a myriad of other courses is available online to get familiar with human anatomy, how to handle injuries, nutrition all this stuff.

The happy news is we all get this course at an affordable price by purchasing online from the renowned American online learning platform called Udemy.

I hope many of the guys aware of this. However, those who do not know I am giving you the link here you can check it out.

Let’s get started the certifications



ACE is offering different certifications such as Personal trainer certification, Group fitness instructor, Health coach, and medical exercise specialist certification as well. Moreover, above ACEโ€™s primary certifications are accredited by NCCA (National Commission for certifying agencies).

Be aware, no matter what fitness-related course you are pursuing, make sure the courses are approved by NCCA.

ACE is one of the spectacular advanced courses that the individual can enhance their knowledge of fitness by finishing this course. As far as ACE is concerned, itโ€™s quite an expensive course, and it has lots of benefits too.

Additionally, I am giving you the link below to check the details of the certifications.


The astonishing positive aspects of the certification are that the digital version is available online. Furthermore, the individual can purchase online, and start to learn by themselves without the help of a tutor, merely if they are confident enough. Hence, the person can purchase it at an affordable cost.

The individual must register for the exam within 6 months, once you purchased from online. Also, after the registration, the person can take a 1 to 2 months gap for writing the exam.

  • The ACE course encompasses a combination of digital and hard copy materials.
  • Duration- 3-4 months (80-100 hours).
  • Exam fees โ€“ $399 (30171 INR).
  • Exam Retake cost – $199 (15041 INR)
  • Recertification cost – $129( Every 2 years)


NASM was founded in the year of 1987, and the certification was approved by NCCA, which is pretty good for getting a job in a high fitness academy, as they follow the optimum performance training model (OPT).

Their primary goal of the certification is posture and general fitness. Moreover, they provide a clear E-learning option.

Specifically, the OPT model emphasizes program design, assessments, and exercise instruction with your clients. I am sure that once you finish this course you will get to know how to train the person from scratch to advance model (power training).

When you study this course, they will give you the step by step method to comprehend the personโ€™s body.

For instance, if someone comes for a gym they need stability endurance, strength endurance, hypertrophy, max strength, and power. This is a normal step to train people.

On the other hand, I will give you a petite glimpse of this section.

Stability and strength endurance training required for Aged people.

Hypertrophy and maximal strength training required for people who aspire to build muscles.

Power training is suitable for Athletes and weight lifters.

How do you guys feel now? Would you like to join this course? then itโ€™s a good decision!

I am giving you the link to know more about the courses

Moreover, itโ€™s quite expensive than ACE, it cost around 599$ (45291 INR)

Course details

  • 6 domains
  • 120 Questions ย ย Require 70% or higher to Passย ย 
  • 120 minutes
  • Exam Retake cost: $199 (15041 INR)
  • Recertification cost : $99 (Every 2 year)

In comparison with other certifications, it is the most prestigious and most well -known certifications in the industry.


ISSA is one of the most sought after certification by gyms and commercial facility owners. It has been recognized for 30 years, and almost 3 lakhs certified trainers working in 143 countries around the globe.

Furthermore, as this course has been following the open book exam procedure the value of this course has been significantly reduced.

ISSA offering 12 different fitness courses, and they bestow online access, ongoing support, a study on your time.

Letโ€™s gaze at the course details

Once you enroll in this course they provide you 8 to 12 months to complete.

I drop the link here you can check it out:

Exam cost: $499.00 (37716 INR)

Exam Retake cost: The first retake is free. Then, if take another you have to pay 45$

Recertification cost : 99$ (7482 INR)

Course materials: – Offers 720 pages textbook, which includes 31 units. Additionally, they provide a workbook and study guide as well.


ACSM is the first founded certification in comparison with other certifications, which was founded in the year of 1954.

Furthermore, ACSM is a non-profit organization that is approved by NCCA. A myriad of health professionals has been choosing this course to get a job with good wages, as itโ€™s the most significant and well-known certification accepted worldwide.

Moreover, as per the comprehensive reviews about these courses, and the fitness industry expert claimed that ACSM is better than ACE in terms of price and value.

Here I am giving you the link for your reference

Letโ€™s gaze at the exam fees

Exam cost: $399 (30158 INR)

Exam Retake cost: $175 (13227 INR)

Recertification costย  ย : $45 (Every 3 year)

The exam has 150 questions, and all are multiple-choice questions

Exam duration: 2.5 hours


NSCA is the non- profit organization and accredited by NCCA. This is going to be a good certification for anyone who wants to work with the Athlete. NSCA predominantly focusing on the strength and conditioning training, as a result, you will get more respect from clients once you started working with the organization.

Salient features

  • Study from Textbook
  • Buy it used
  • The individual can be a sports trainer and Olympic trainer once you pass the examination.

Here I am giving you the link for your reference:

Letโ€™s gaze at the course details.

Course costย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย :ย ย ย  $435 (32884 INR)

Exam Retake costย ย ย ย ย ย ย  :ย ย ย  $435

Recertification costย ย ย ย  :ย ย ย  $75 ( Every 3 year)


I have provided detailed information about the international certified personal trainer course for your reference, and my sincere request is you guys check it out the link and analyze yourself before enrolling a course.

After a lot of research, I can assure you that NASM certification stands on the top among other certifications. However, please research by yourself and analyze which certification suits you best before enrolling in the course.


โ€œThe body achieves what the mind believesโ€

I hope this blog will helpful for you guys

Do not forget to give your valuable comments. I appreciate all your feedback!


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