Quick weight loss diet

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Do you feel ashamed and insecure when you go to attend parties or public gatherings etcetera, because of the obese? If you feel, this blog is for you guys.

Today I am discussing with you an amazing topic that is implicitly related to the people who struggle a lot to mitigate the weight. Is there a solution to reduce weight rapidly? The answer is Yes, and we have a solution to reduce the weight quickly by following the affordable and simple diet.

โ€œHealth is wealthโ€

No matter how wealthy you are you canโ€™t enjoy your life without health. Hence, before going to consume unhealthy food, just remember this word. I know it is hard to obliterate this habit, however, when you practice these, as a result, you can lead an exquisite life without diseases.

As I discussed in my previous blog, I had said that our body must contain essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, fat, and water. Therefore, some diet may have reduced these nutrients consumptions, as a result, when you follow that diet you may face difficulties subsequently.

Please be aware of the diet plan before taking the initiative.

Letโ€™s get started.

Important point: You do not copy celebrities’ and the Popular model’s diet plans. Because they might have consulted a dietitian before started the diet plan. Predominantly an appropriate diet plan depends on a host of factors such as Weight, height, age so on. So we have to consume what our body required and ignore what is unnecessary.

Morning diet

The moment you wake up it is advisable to drink 250-300 ml water on an empty stomach, which has massive benefits on your body.

First and foremost, it increases metabolism, blood pumping makes easier, Regulates PH value, regulates brain function, and heart function.

I reckon this benefit is enough for water right?

Go drink water and let’s make the day enthusiastic.

  • You have to drink one glass of lemon juice after consuming the water early in the morning. Because, lemon juice contains citric acid, that helps reduce body fat.


Exercise regularly for at least half an hour.

After the workout, drink some water, then letโ€™s start our Breakfast without delay. Because it is the most significant food that should not be disregard under any circumstances. Hence, Letโ€™s glance at what we can consume in the morning.

Morning breakfast

Better to follow this diet to lose weight.

  • 5 Egg white and 1 full egg
  • Take watermelon in a small bowl
  • 1 Orange

Egg white contains a high amount of protein which is incredibly helpful to keep your body fit.

As far as watermelon is concerned, it keeps you hydrate your body by daily consumption of this fruit, especially in summer. Then, it not only prevents cancer but also may help relieve muscle soreness.

Additionally, you can add Orange in your morning diet, which helps you improve your immune system by giving essential nutrients like vitamin C, and it controls blood sugar level but also lowers cholesterol.

These foods will incredibly helpful for you guys to reduce the weight as it included all the essential nutrients that our body wants.


Next, if you feel starving you can consume snacks such as Carrot and Cucumber.

Carrot contains a high amount of fiber, vitamin K, potassium, and antioxidants. Moreover, it helps you reduce your weight effortlessly by appropriate consumption and good for your skin glowing as well.

On the other hand, we all aware of Cucumber by the name of low calory food that includes essential vitamins and minerals. Specifically, it promotes hydration and better to consume cucumber as snacks that not only help weight loss but also may lower the blood sugar.


As a lunch, I suggest you consume certain protein content foods such as Chicken, mutton, fish so on.ย  You can possess all the essential nutrients by the consumption of this meat-like protein that helps you keep your body fit and strong.

As you wish you can consume any of these foods in the afternoon. Decide whether it’s meat or fruits.


However, If you prefer fruits you can consume as well based on your body weight.

  • 2 APPLE, and 1 ROBUSTA BANANA that is sufficient for losing weight.

As per your requirements, you can opt for either one of these foods. Specifically, I suggest fruits for obese people, which implicitly depend on your weight and height. Each person’s body features will be different. For instance, if you are more obese let’s choose fruits than meat. Because meat contains rich in protein by regular consumption there is a possibility to gain weight. So, keep an eye on it.

โ€œDonโ€™t forget to drink water among the diet, keep hydrate your body frequently to lose weightโ€


If you consider Guava in your mid-afternoon snacks, which will provide you humongous benefits such as improving immunity, clear heart function. Moreover, it helps you lose weight as well.

If possible kindly include this fruit.

You can either consume Guava or can include 1 Carrot and Orange if you feel ravenous! As discussed above these fruits have astounding benefits.

After 4:00 PM better to consume 1 cup of Green Tea which helps to reduce the weight effortlessly as it contains antioxidants. I had published detailed health benefits of green tea on my previous blog those who did not gaze at please go and check it out.


Dinner is the less important food. So make sure you consume a little amount of food on dinner, which helps you mitigate the weight.


  • 2 Chapati
  • Mixed fruits such as half piece of ORANGE, APPLE, GRAPES

Better you consumed half piece of each fruit at night as we already consumed a plethora of foods that contain nutrients.

These are the pivotal healthy food I can suggest to you guys. Please try it and give your comments on the article.

If you follow this diet I can assure that you will reduce the weight within two months. Because, we have not included the unnecessary foods in this process, which will certainly give you great results that you all dreamed of.

ย โ€œExcuses do not get results.โ€

Never give up on your diet, till you achieve the results.

ย โ€œItโ€™s going to be a journey. Itโ€™s not a sprint to get in shape.โ€

ย ย ย ย ย ย  -Kerry Walsh Jennings

Minimize the consumption of fast foods.

Next, I am going to talk about the drawbacks of Junk food. Before consume we must have known the drawbacks of fast food. I know everyone knows about it, however, we consume under unfavorable circumstances.

Regular consumption of fast foods such as Burger, Pizza, Sandwich may cause critical health issues.

  1. Increases weight gain
  2. Enhances heart ailment risk
  3. Rises blood sugar level
  4. Interrupts kidney functions
  5. Affects fertility
  6. Skin damage
  7. Causes liver damage

ย โ€œAvoid fast foods to lose weightโ€


To recapitulate: People are concerned about gaining weight immediately through an unhealthy lifestyle, but we can reduce the weight by following a healthy and affordable diet. The following habits are significant in life such as adequate sleep, regular exercise, consumption of healthy food, and drink 3 liters of water every day.

I hope this blog will helpful for you guys.

โ€œItโ€™s not a diet, itโ€™s a lifestyle change.โ€

Do not forget to give your valuable comments. I appreciate all your feedback!

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  1. Even I have gained lot of weight from past 3 years with uncontrolled food and irregular workouts. Many a times I decided to put down my weight by proper diet plan and workout. My diet will long last for hardly 1 week and I just give up my decision and again go back to my regular routine. But I should take initiative step to be fit as soon as possible. I like the way you illustrated the article, its exquisite.

  2. Very informative post. You are right… health is vital in our everyday life and without it we cannot experience our lives to the fullest. Keep up the good work!

  3. Wow, what an amazing and informative post. I love the way you broke everything down. As someone trying to lose weight, I will be using this as a reference. Thank you.

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